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  1. Valorant - Exobot

    Version 1


    Click here to read the manual: https://elitecheatz.com/topic/250-valorant-exobot/
  2. Valorant Exobot

    How to inject Exobot for Valorant in few simple steps: 1. Before you run the cheat. Launch the game first and set "Windowed Full screen" then exit the game. 2. Run Exobot.exe as Administrator. 3. You will type "2" (without the ") and press Enter (in order to register your username/password/key). 4. Type your login: (You can write any username you want but make sure you remember it or paste your username/password credentials in a notepad file or somewhere. You can also just type the "KEY" you purchased as user/pass/key. 5. Type your password: (You can write any password you want. Same as above. 6. Type your key: (Here you insert the "KEY" you just purchased). PS: Like i mentioned above, you can also just type the key 3 times in a row and you won't have to bother with an username/password. Nobody will have access to your license since it will be binded on your PC HWID. The reset request can only be submited 1-2 times by the customer that purchased the key license (Only if you update windows to a new version or reformat your Windows.) 7. Write "1" and type the username/password you have just registered (The username/password will be registered in our database only if the license key which you purchased is valid. 8. Now the cheat will prompt you to launch VALORANT. Simply launch the game via shortcut. The cheat menu will be automatically turned on and you can use the mouse to slide it over the screen or change settings. 9. Start your match and enjoy (Unlike other cheats you will not get banned, even if you use the aimbot obviously, aim-locking through the walls etc. We will add visibility check to prevent aiming through the walls very soon, stay tuned) Video: How to close/open menu? 1. Press INSERT
  3. How to buy our cheats

    1. Register an account to our website in order to be able to access our store and be able to purchase our products. No email verification is required for now 2. After you have succesfully registered, click on the Store tab. 3. Attempt to purchase our product by adding it to cart. Click "Add to cart" 4. Now all you have to do is fill the details. You only have to do this once and your credentials will remain saved. So you will be able to purchase our products without filling any additional information's afterwards 5. Click on "Continue to Order Review" then click on "Place Order and Pay". Afterwards select your payment method (Which is Paypal by default or you can just use your credit card) in order to finalize the payment and get the key delivered to your account. Your membership will be upgraded automatically to VIP and you will be able to download our cheat loader via Downloads page. 6. After purchase, click on Store / Manage Purchases / Manage to get your Key instantly ( No need to wait for email delivery anymore. Your payment will deliver the key to your account instantly ). If you wish to buy separately via Bitcoin or Skrill, you can send a message to @Ikaros on discord.
  4. LIVE Cheat Status

    LIVE Cheat Status Valorant ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This cheat is online and working with the latest version of the game. This cheat is currently offline due to game patch and is being updated as soon as possible. This cheat has been detected and will be taken offline for maintenance until further notice.