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  1. Megachams Loader

    Version NEW

    1 download

    This is the loader of Megachams. Auto-updater included! PS: You need to buy Megachams from our store first before you are able to download this file. How to inject?: 1- Please make sure you are uninstalling all your antivirus softwares including (Malwarebyte,Mcafee,Norton,AVG and many more. Also you must have ESEA/FACEIT unninstaled as well since they might block the cheat from injecting). Don't forget to deactivate windows defender and firewall as well! 2- Run Megachams.exe as Administrator (Right click, Run as administrator) 3- Past the key coude you have purchased from our store in the window popup ( ) 4- After You get the activation menu ( don't select any option for the first time ) Just run the game first so the cheat will patch the game,at this step game was auto close. () 5- After run PUBG game once again and Now look at the menu. Select any option you want (Extreme Model 3 includes the Magic Bullet, use at your own risk) 6- Now Click at Launch button after getting confirmation, Run the game! 7- After you finish playing PUBG, close the game then look the cheat menu click at Safe Exit button button! in order to stay Safe! ENJOY!!!
  2. GGoS

    Version 46


    How to use GGoS Loader: 0) Set time to Beijing +8 and unninstal any sort of antivirus you have in order to avoid SMAC connection to server failed error! (Most Important) 1) Make sure you put the file either in C:/folder or D:/folder 2) Run ggos.exe as administrator 3) Paste the key code and click Login. The loader will dissappear 4) Launch the game and menu will appear. 5) Enjoy!
  3. Version 1.0


    The current loader for Beta - Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (Auto-update included) Simply press Insert key during game menu so the cheat will get injected then hold ALT in order for menu to appear. Make sure your game resolution is window or borderless
  4. LIVE Cheat Status

    LIVE Cheat Status Call Of Duty Modern Warfare - Syrius Apex Legends - GGoS Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - Beta PUBG - Zero ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This cheat is online and working with the latest version of the game. This cheat is currently offline and is being updated as soon as possible.