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Hi ok this is a veri good cheeto so im going to give my rating

This is a 0-5 star rating.

Menu Layout: 
Legit Features: 
Rage Features: 
Screenshare bypass:  ( It works doesnt need to be rated but ya its here)
Detection Rate:  (Its really good, but its a public cheat so yeah the more popular it gets the more often it will get detected)

Overall  out of 5

Here are the things I would like in the cheat though.

* More thicc boxes around players

* A dark mode on the menu

* Toggleable Screenshare bypass

* Instead of having all of the info about the player above the box have some things below, or make that custom.

* Be able to set a custom key for any bind.

* Profile Saving/Sharing

Anyways these are my personal opinions the experience is always different for everyone

Edited by LemonsTM

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Флиппинг-вкладчик капитала время от времени покупает дома, а потом реализовывает их с намерением извлечения выгоды. С тем чтобы жилплощадь числилось активом, его надлежит приобретать с намерением быстро перепродать. Промежуток времени между приобретением и перепродажей зачастую образует от пары месяцев и до одного года.

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